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Rinleiya Ramsan joins Department of Brand Identities at medea as Brand Identity Designer

A Talented New Addition to Medea's core team 

A dedicated Japanophile, Rinleiya Ramsan is an alumna of NIFT with a Master’s in Design Space. She is a skilled fashion designer with a deep passion for cooking, particularly sushi. Rinleiya joined Medea as a Brand Identity Designer after completing two internships in the Department of Brand Identities under the M3 program, where she also made significant contributions to the research for NapTapGo.


Megha Pal takes up role of managing editor of WOA

WOA Is An Yearly Published Indian Design Magazine 

Our creative Director  has assumed the role of Managing Editor for the WOA. In this key position, she will oversee the editorial team, coordinate content strategy, and ensure the highest quality of our publications. Her leadership will be pivotal in maintaining the magazine’s standards of excellence and in shaping its future direction of WOA.


On the agency's 4th anniversary, Type Designer and Lead Brand Designer at Medea, Sanjana Prabhakar, creates the typeface Medea Quatro.

Medea Quatro's beta version will be available over agency's typeface  foundry EE-FF.COM

To commemorate the agency's 4th anniversary, agency has introduced a new typeface named Medea Quatro, designed and named by Sanjana Prabhakar, Type Designer and the Lead Brand Designer at Medea. This creation marks a significant milestone for the agency, reflecting both its growth and creative achievements over the past four years.The beta version of Medea Quatro will be accessible on starting June 03.


NIFT Bootcamp IGPP by medea

Jan 19-20, 2024

This year, NIFT-Panchkula's Master of Design Department conducted a two-day portfolio-building bootcamp, guided by Megha Pal, our agency's Creative Director, for the master's students. The first day focused on acquainting them with industry standards and the art of portfolio building in the advertising world. On the second day, our agency's lead brand designer, Sanjana Prabhakar, facilitated a lecture on career in curatorial expertise.


Our space design team visits Jagatjit Palace, a French-style architectural marvel inspired by the Palace of Versailles.

Princely State Of Kapurthala - Paris Of  The East 

We've long revered the Palace of Versailles in France. Thus, when granted permission for a guided tour of Maharaja Jagatjit Palace in Kapurthala, our space design team was absolutely thrilled. Commissioned by Maharaja Jagatjit Singh, this palace was constructed under the guidance of the French architect M. Marcel, drawing inspiration from the magnificence of the Versailles and Fontainebleau palaces.


May's Gourmet Fridays at Hard Rock Cafe 

The Gourmet Fridays is a team bonding over agency luncheons which are held during second or last Friday of every month.

May's Gourmet Friday were held at Hard Rock Cafe. From tantalizing gourmet dishes to signature cocktails and live entertainment, the Gourmet Friday at Hard Rock Cafe offered us a unique and unforgettable experience.

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