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M3 Program is a unique opportunity to take an internship at medea- the leading branding agency of India.

M3 stands for: Marvellous Me at Medea and this program is your chance to join our creative family and to work on real-life projects alongside industry-leading experts.

Our internship program is highly competitive one and open to design graduates and enthusiasts with a passion for advertising and a desire to learn about the world of branding. We encourage all applicants who are fluent in communication and have their own laptop to submit their resume, portfolio links, and social media profiles. Additionally, please fill the form and let us know why you believe medea is the right advertising agency for you. In return, we promise to provide you with a friendly team, a welcoming atmosphere, countless creative challenges, and an unforgettable experience.

At medea, we value diversity and inclusivity, and we are committed to creating a safe and fair work environment for all members of our team, including interns. We welcome M3 internship applications from qualified candidates twice a year, from January to April and September to December. If you have any questions or would like more information on our internship program, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Please use the subject line "Vacancy Application: Internship at Medea" when sending your email with your resume, portfolio links, social media profiles. We're excited to review your application. Good luck!

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We would encourage all the applicants to go through the FAQs to understand the criteria and terms for M3 internship at medea.


What is criteria of hiring an intern at medea?

At Medea, we set the highest standards for design and strategic work, even for interns. While we recognize that interns may have limited industry experience, we expect their approach to design and observation to be global rather than regional. 

Our selection process involves three rounds. First, we evaluate the candidate's portfolio and resume. If the creative team is impressed, a telephonic interview is scheduled to explore the candidate's motivation for pursuing an M3 internship at Medea and assess their awareness of the global advertising and design industry. Successful candidates proceed to a final video interview conducted by the Creative Director of the relevant department or the Executive Creative Director [ECD] of the agency.

Upon clearing all these stages, candidates are offered the M3 internship, followed by an induction day and joining. The entire process typically takes one to two weeks for the agency to make final decisions and facilitate all the interviews.

Is internship paid?

We advocate for empowering and motivating individuals pursuing a career in the design industry hence M3 Internships at medea are always paid. However, the internship stipend amount varies based on the applicant's skill set and the decision of the agency head.

How long is M3 internship period ?

We provide internships for different time durations.

One type of internship is for individuals who pursue it on a personal level without any educational institution mandates. This particular internship often transitions into a job at the agency and has a duration of 2 months. Wheras the internships that are mandatory for applicants to undertake as part of their degree/course/graduation, are of 2 months and 4 months depending upon their college or university's timeline. Although the criteria of selection remains same in both scenarios.

How many seats are available in M3?

We offer three seats for the summer M3 internship[apr-june-jul] batch and three seats for the winter M3 internship[nov-dec-jan] batch. We admit interns twice a year, and on each occasion, we deliberately limit the selection to only three candidates to maintain the exclusivity of the M3 program. While there may be instances where we select fewer than three candidates, under no circumstances will the number of interns in one batch exceed three.

What will be location of internship? 

Can internship be remote?

Medea currently operates from its only headquarters located at Chandigarh, India.

The location address of agency HQ is:

Medea, plot 14, Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, Opp. Infosys, Sector 13, Chandigarh 160101

It's important to note that our M3 internships will always be conducted on-site at the current headquarters and will not be offered as remote opportunities.

Who will be mentoring during internship?

During your internship, your mentoring will be taken care by the head of your department and also occasionally by the creative director of the agency.

Will I be given certificate at the end of internship?

Solely upon the successful completion of the internship and strict adherence to the established practices and policies governing work and conduct at Medea, is when each candidate is awarded an M3 certificate.

At Medea, we motivate every intern to enhance their skill set and gain valuable experience through our agency. This learning process necessitates interns to appreciate the time and reputation of the agency. If a candidate fails to observe the agency's decorum and faces challenges in maintaining a professional attitude towards assigned tasks during the internship, in such case, no certificate will be awarded to the intern.

Under what circumstances will the internship or stipend be revoked?

Although we have a highly efficient internship selection process, and we take every measure to prevent such situations, if at any point the internship or stipend needs to be revoked, it will happen under extreme circumstances of non professional display by the intern towards work or team or agency.

How is M3 internship program different from any other internships in design and advertising field in India?

With M3 internship, you will have better understanding of this industry not based on singular projects  but as the industry in whole which will give youdecisive power to make better career choices in future. Wisdom is power and we solely believe in armouring our interns with a wisdom at medea  that will pave their way for boundless propositions.

Why medea runs this internship program?

The M3 internship program is designed with a focus on interns, and its acronym, 'Marvellous Me at Medea,' reflects this emphasis.

Our vision and mission with this program is to direct young professionals in the correct direction when it comes to understanding graphic design as not only an art form but a functional and powerful solution that runs everything around in the world. At medea, we view design as a comprehensive solution and aspiration that resonates universally, allowing people to better understand and connect on a human level whether commercially in a brand creation/communication or idealistically in raising a solution or voice that make people unite socially for better society and its functioning. When interning at medea, your approach to view design and advertising widens beyond the monotonous ways in how usually it is approached across the subcontinent.



Medea initiated the M3 internship program to align with its vision as a global advertising agency originating from India. The agency's vision is rooted in an unyielding mission to elevate the standards of graphic design excellence in India to a global level. The goal is to enlighten individuals about the transformative power of advertising and design as an art form. This vision can only come to fruition when design professionals and the graphic design industry access the right resources, leveraging that learning to enhance their pursuits as ad man and ad woman or design experts. And M3 internship is that stepping stone in laying the foundation for that vision we envision for advertising and design industry of India.

How will M3 internship program at medea will help me for my future career in design and ad world?

Apply for the M3 internship

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Additional perks: What we offer you to maintain perfect work -life balance.​

Our core working hours are from 10 AM -6:30 PM with flexible working policy of 2 different time windows.


​Free lunch meal and snacks. Everyday!

Gourmet Friday on every last Friday of the month.

Five working days in a week.

1.5 paid leaves in a month


For any more queries, mail to our people and culture department at

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