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Medea is a leading global, independent
full-service ad agency specialising in
branding services with its HQ located in India. 


Learn about the Founder and Creative Director of Medea, India.

Medea was established in the year 2020 with its HQ operational from Chandigarh, India. The agency was established by Megha Pal, who has adeptly led as the Creative Director for the past four years, shaping Medea's creative vision and strategic direction. With 13 years of extensive experience in the design industry preceding the establishment of Medea, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the agency, ensuring that Medea remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional design solutions to the dynamic Indian brands with global vision.

Tune in to hear from the Creative Director of Medea as she shares the inspiration behind Medea's inception and our vision for the future.

"A brand should be able to inspire its audience to buy it, rather than to convince them in purchasing it.Megha Pal, CD, medea



At medea, every project is incepted with a creative vision and strategic thinking, that is, established on the highest level of design and branding expertise of the entire team of the ad agency. With a global approach for brands and businesses, the firm focuses on the problem-solving outlook with idea-driven graphic design for each brand at medea. We believe in the power of intelligent, functional, and courageous branding with our firm's core expertise specializing in brand identities, packaging design system, motion graphics, user interface design, brand positioning, visual communication and print. Our branding expertise spans across industries/ sectors like FMCG, Health and Wellness, Architecture, Retail, F&B, Hospitality & Tourism, Fintech, Banking, Museums, Real estate, Fashion & Beauty, Art & Entertainment, and Information Technology.

The agency’s directing team has more than 17+ years of experience in the design industry. The experience combined with the conviction of creating only exceptional and globe-trotting work has provided medea with a global watch on design platforms like awwwards, Dieline, and POW in just the span of its 3 years of its existence. 

Thoughts, talks and ideas/ 
At medea, we want to create brands that aspire to bring higher and unique experiences to the audiences— brands that makes audience or consumer feel more intelligent and greater of self for choosing the brands that are designed at medea.
We want people to fall in love with brands beyond pursuasion marketing.

Meet our  Lead Brand Designer, shaping the Department of Packaging [DOP] at medea 

Sanjana Prabhakar plays an impressive role in her position as the lead packaging and brand designer at medea since 2020. Her extensive global exposure and academic background in the arts have been instrumental in her ability to spearhead some of the agency's most remarkable packaging endeavors that were globally featured. Recognized as a preeminent figure in the field, she has earned acclaim as one of the foremost packaging designers in the nation.

"Packaging is a much wider idea than our design files, it encompasses understanding consumer behaviour and psychology, sensorial stimulation, retail reality and so much more.

Listen her speak on the  ROLE OF PACKAGING IN BRANDING

Life At Agency/

We believe creativity is expressed with free mind and an environment that encourages to design brands with utmost freedom of expression and happiest state of beings(at work). And to keep our these ethos intact for agency as well as our team's growth, we have designed a culture that we look forward to always keep alive at medea premises. Gourmet fridays and Magnus Opus are the major agency rituals which will always stay wherever the agency flourishes in future as well. 

The Gourmet Fridays is a team bonding over agency luncheons which are held during last Friday of every month.The other most loved event at our agency is THE MANGUS OPUS which was born as a result of our curious approach for design and advertisement. Every fourth month of the year, medea hosts an advertising seminar which happens at different locations. Our team also goes live during these sessions to connect with our online audience who would love to learn more about branding and advertising.

M3 Internship Program/

We love to work with minds that are passionate and playful when it comes to design. Our internship program is for all the design graduates and enthusiasts who have flair for advertising and are eager to learn about the big and interesting world of branding. This internship program opens up from January- April in summers and Sept-December in winters of each year. For any info on the same please write to us at:

In the previous 2 years since M3 program was started,, we selected some of the most daring INTERNS who got to work on real projects of the agency under the guidance of the leading mentors. The individuals you observe here are the successful graduates of this internship. 

MUKUL 2024.png

Mukul Ranjan Dev
Brand Strategist Intern


Jagriti 2023.png

Rinleiya Ramsan
Brand Identity Design Intern


Uddhav Garg
Brand Strategist Intern


Jagriti Chawla
Brand Strategist Intern



Aakanksha Sarathy 
Brand Designer Intern



Abbimnyou Warikoo
Brand Strategist Intern



Sumedha Basu
Packaging Designer Intern



Need branding help? Contact us.

Whether you require guidance on your new brand or rebranding your current brand completely, we're here to offer our expertise and support.

We're seeking passionate and talented individuals to join our team. Check out our career page to see what opportunities are available.

We love to talk about design and advertisement. If you have any queries related to seminars or educational sessions, please feel free to reach out to us at We're passionate to talk about these topics and sharing our expertise and industry tips with students and aspiring ad professionals.

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