Visual language

A brand communicates to audience through its visuals. Even before a product is actually experienced by the consumer, the visual language of the brand already creates the relationship of brand with its potential buyers. Hence this is the key feature of brand identity system that our team begins with when creating the brand's identity.

Design Strategy

Once the visual language and brand positioning has been structured out, our core creative team then begins the actual design process based on all the narrowed down information that happened in pre design research phase.
Brand colors, brand pictograms and ideograms, brand typeface are the elements that are finalised in design strategy.

Tagline and secondary graphics

A brand slogan/ tagline functions in numerous ways in creating the brand's recall value. A great tagline can  make the brand forever memorable. The purpose and usage of tagline determines how and what the tagline will be and thus our team conceptualise the same depending upon the market and audience of the brand. 

Brand Positioning

How a brand is received by the target audience is developed through a series of strategical answers to the following questions: Who is the brand for?, What experience does the brand generates?, What are its values and character?,  What does it promise to deliver to people? 
This brand positioning is developed through research analysis of the company/ product/ market/ consumers and society social trends.

Print Compatibility

An identity needs to be print compatible in type as well as color codes and we at medea make sure that every identity created through our agency be as good on print collaterals as on digital mediums. All necessary print and material tests are taken before the identity is finalised.

Corporate Stationeries and brand identity guidelines

Beside brand's communication to vast audience, the brand requires communication to potential collaborators where vision of brand is necessary to be put across along with clarity of how brand sees itself or want to be seen as. This is displayed best in brand identity guidelines. To keep the brand's identity intact in terms of aesthetics and usage, our team also creates the corporate stationeries [business card and letterhead].



Concept Development

One of the most  most important brand engagement points is Packaging. A consumer picks a product package  for factors like design attractiveness, its ease to use, material, vibe, ease of understanding and a possibility of its reuse with value for money. Our team analyse all these goals of the product from both ends- product as received by consumer and product as need to be created by the brand owner keeping in mind production quantity along with sales and logistics involved.

Functional Solutions

Packaging design is a solution to make consumer have much easier and functional experience. We strongly believe in consumer experience that is generated with the packaging details and our team create packaging concepts keeping this factor as the centre of our design direction in this process. 

How a product is placed in retail requires certain design approaches that vary from a product that is available only through ecomm platform. Thus the aesthetics are determined as per these goals of the product which in tern decides how the final design for the product is sent into production.

Design and Aesthetics development



Custom Prototype

When it comes to physical products instead of digital, a website experience breaks or creates the trust in the brand. When a consumer needs to pay before holding the actual product in hand, the website is the only medium to make them decide to whether buy or not to. We create custom prototypes for the website that go along with the brand language unlike being mechanical and theme-ish.

Responsive Interface/ UI AND UX

A website always needs to maintain its responsiveness across all devices and to strategise how this interface shapes in different devices as per the space, is what we start with to create final user friendly and interactive website designs.

Once the website is designed and developed. our QA team takes up the responsibility of its smooth and bug free functioning across all browsers and devices.

Quality Analysis


To strengthen the brand's position in the market and increase customer loyalty, brand's evolution becomes necessary. Change is consumer behaviour, market change or company internal change leads to reason behind rebranding. At medea, we love to take up this challenge of evolving a brand into much aspirational personality without hindering with the current elements of the ethos of the brand with which current audience relates to.

A Rebranding is not necessarily of the identity but the whole design system or style with which the brand was earlier presented. Our agency understands the market position attached with the brand and uses a comprehensive approach to rebrand the brand quantitatively as well as qualitatively.

Brand Evolution

Qualitative improvement of
brand's visual image



Concept Strategy

A lot could be understood about brand through its social media presence. With ore potential buyers engaging through sm platforms, it becomes utmost necessary fro brand to have an good sm presence. For this our team develops a concept strategy prior to designs  to mark how the brand designs will appear on grid[instagram]. A grid has become a online folio of any brand and its aesthetics decides if people would like to watch you more.

Motion graphics and design

Anything authentic in design is always going to get eye balls. We being core design and branding agency love nothing more than creating feel good creatives that make your viewer connected to the brand instantly.

Strengthening Brand awareness over social media platforms

Other aim behind social media branding for us is to make audience have tremendous recall value of the brand through its creatives.