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Saturnalia 2023 —— Gourmet Friday

Medea hosted the week-long Saturnalia festival 2023, culminating in a spectacular grand finale —a lavish gourmet Friday feast on Dec 22, 2023 that served as a delightful conclusion to both the festive season and a creatively vibrant year.



This year, NIFT-Panchkula's Master of Design Department conducted a two-day portfolio-building bootcamp, guided by Megha Pal, our agency's Creative Director, for the master's students. The first day focused on acquainting them with industry standards and the art of portfolio building in the advertising world. On the second day, our agency's lead brand designer, Sanjana Prabhakar, facilitated a lecture on career in curatorial expertise.

IMG_9579 3.heic

New Installation at medea —— WOA

With its dimensions measuring 42" x 37", this installation just brought in the right energies to our studio space at medea. WOA is the annual design and ad magazine for all the ad world fanatics and design enthusiasts

Saturnalia 2023 —— Christmas Tree in Rouge 


Studio Presentation —— Cracking AI Tools

Our Lead Packaging Designer, Sanjana Prabhakar at the agency, provided the packaging team with valuable guidance on effectively utilizing AI tools through the correct commands and a comprehensive understanding.

'White as a frost' was this year's Christmas tree theme for Saturnalia Festival at medea.The result is a winter wonderland masterpiece for which our team demonstrated their exceptional skills by bringing this enchanting vision to life with a stunning 7.5 feet tall tree that graces the Rouge room of the agency.

cake 3.PNG

Upcoming Product In Our Design Shop  —— Deck Of EEFF cards

Embark on a mystical journey with the unveiling of enchanting new tarot deck, where each card tells a story of ancient wisdom and modern magic. Currently in print stage these cards are exclusively designed for agency's design shop. 


New Podcast —— Episode 5 of BOT

First week began for us with new podcast recordings. The podcast talks about brand's journey to becoming a legacy brand. For more such podcast visit our page: PODCASTS


M3 internship  —— Winter Batch

Annually, we welcome three exceptionally enthusiastic individuals to join the M3 Internship Program[3 each for summer and winter batches]. Pictured here is Aakanksha Sarathy, who joined us in Nov, 2023 as a Brand Designer Intern, showcasing her artwork created at the agency under the guidance of our experienced industry mentors.

Third Anniversary of medea  —— June 03, 2023

It has become a tradition for us to craft a monochrome cake for this special occasion, and here's a glimpse of the one that stole the spotlight during our third year. Anticipate with us as we look forward to unveiling the exciting design for this year's celebration in 2024.


Creating Curatorial Experience for King's Valley  —— MEWA India 2024

The Department of Strategic Branding within our agency is developing a curatorial experience for King's Valley at MEWA 2024. King’s Valley is set to be one of the exhibitors showcasing their dry fruits and nuts brand at MEWA India 2024, India’s premier B2B exhibition for nuts and dried fruits event facilitated by NDFCI (Nuts & Dry Fruits Council of India). This event will bring together over 200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries, including USA, Australia, UAE, Chile, Iran, Oman, Argentina, and Afghanistan.

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