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Business industry:   Advertising 

Department:   Art

Location:  Chandigarh, IN

Job type:  Project based 

Office hours: 10:00 to 18:30 hrs

Salary: Based on the interview results

Job Role

As a cinematographer, you will need to create a compelling and memorable visual experience that deeply engages and resonates with the audience. This involves selecting and positioning cameras, setting up lighting and sound equipment, and working closely with the creative director and other members of the production team to ensure that the visual style and tone of the project are consistent and effective. 



Must have a strong understanding of camera technology, lighting techniques, and visual storytelling, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse set of creative professionals.


A global sense and approach to design and CINEMATICS


A curious mind, an OG bend of expressing, creative desire to pitch some great ideas and all this while, having an openness to take constructive criticism at times.


An eclectic experience of minimum 2 years in advertising commercials and short films.

To apply for this job, you can either send us your cv and folio to or alternately fill in the form here.

Additional perks:

What we offer you to maintain perfect work -life balance.

Our core working hours are from 10 AM -6:30 PM with flexible working policy of 2 different time windows.

Free lunch meal and snacks. Everyday!

Gourmet Friday on every last Friday of the month.

Five working days in a week.

18 paid leaves in a year. [1.5 paid leaves in a month]

Thanks for submitting!

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